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The fish Ghoulie (also known as the toilet Ghoulie) is one of the creatures from the first three Ghoulies films. The fish Ghoulie is a small green humanoid creature, with an appearance similar to a goblin. The fish Ghoulie is sort of the poster-boy of the Ghoulies series, and is usually the first thing people think of when they hear the name Ghoulies. The fish Ghoulie is featured on the infamous poster of the first film, where he is shown coming out of a toilet. In "Ghoulies" (1985), the fish Ghoulie is first seen coming out of a pond after being summoned by Jonathan Graves. The Fish Ghoulie changed his appearance during the first three films. As seen on the right, he is very small and pale-green colored in the first movie. In the second film, the Fish Ghoulie is darker colored, larger, and muscular. And in the third movie, the Fish Ghoulie was very light colored, even larger, and had a personality and speaking voice (by Patrick Pinney) that was based on Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. The Fish Ghoulie does not appear in Ghoulies 4.
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