Daddy's home.

Malcolm Graves (Michael Des Barres) was an evil leader of a satanic cult, having sold his soul in exchange for evil powers. In order to preserve his soul Malcolm was required to carry out a black mass. To sacrifice his newborn Son to Lucifer. Malcolm's wife, and mother to the baby, realizing that Malcolm had lied to her about not using their baby for the sacrifice, intervenes, snatching up her son and placing her protective pendant around the child. Malcolm took the baby and tried to kill him, but he couldn't even touch him because of the pendant's power. No longer able, nor willing to murder his son, Malcolm orders another cult member, named Wolfgang (Jack Nance) to take him away. In rage Malcolm chooses to sacrifice his wife instead, hoping she would suffice as the requisite sacrifice to Lucifer. It wasn't enough, and years later Malcolm died a horrible death. But his influence lingered throughout his mansion. 25 years later, the son, Jonathan has now inherited his fathers legacy, his fathers mansion and its libraries on the dark arts. Malcolm's evil influence over Jonathan seduced his son into the methods of the dark arts eventuating in his conducting of a master ritual to resurrect the damned Malcolm from the darkest depths of hell. Malcolm sacrifices Jonathan's friends, including his girlfriend Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan). Jonathan tries to defend himself with magic, but his resurrected father is the superior force. Malcolm overwhelms Jonathan and prepares to drain the life from him to finalize the sacrifice that should have occurred 25 years earlier. With Malcolm about to finish his son, Wolfgang appears, having mastered white magic, for a final confrontation with the dark master. Wolfgang gains the upper hand, their powers overwhelming and destroying each other.


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